BEN DROWNED: The Musical is a parody demo song written by CircleHunter and EhmShellars, set to the instrumental version of Hey I'm Ben by 423 Ohm.


The moment you've been waiting for, for FIVE YEARS!

Vocals: EhmShellars
Backing track: 423 Ohm - "Hey I'm Ben (Instrumental)"
Mixing: Captain Desdinova


Coming this summer! BEN DROWNED: The Musical!

With an all-star cast of Alex Hall and Tom Cruise! With songs such as, "Internet Help Me (I'm Scared)," and "BOO! I'm Haunting Your Game."

With Tom Cruise as BEN, and Alex Hall as Jadusable, and Jennifer Lawrence as Rosa, and Obama as Kelbris, and Jesus Christ as Ryukaki, and Donald Trump as the old man, and Bill O'Reilly as Ifrit, and Caitlyn Jenner as Luna, and Morgan Freeman as every Internet Detectives member except for Mugen! Redditor /u/aalewis as Mugen Kagemaru. BEN DROWNED on Broadway! Experience the horror of game-haunting demons before it became a cliché.

Tickets on sale now, four dollars and twenty-three cents.


  • The song erroneously references the Internet Detectives as those who took part in the original ARG, rather than the groups who would later become part of Within Hubris.
  • The extended version is identical to the original until the end, in which the reversed Song of Healing plays.