Want You Gone is the fourth and final song released by community music group 423 Ohm. It references the relationship between BEN and Jadusable, and is sung from Jadusable's point of view.

The song was composed by Astartus, written by Sheik, and performed by Loiathal.

It is a parody of "Want You Gone" by Jonathan Coulton, the ending theme to Portal 2.


Well here I am again
Must say, it's quite traumatic
Last time you drowned me down in the Great Bay
And though I've played and played
You don't get any clearer
Why can't you be less cryptic if you've something to say?

You want your freedom? Take it
This has gone on too long
I used to want some answers
Now I only want you gone

You want to talk to me?
Stop being so invasive
It's not good manners to invade my dreams
Though you apologized
You don't seem very sorry
As you proceed to tear my life apart at the seams

I'm sick of all your secrets
What am I doing wrong?
I tried my best to help, but
Now I only want you gone

I've been so nice to you
I even took your cartridge
That time I ran away from the old man
But now I'm done with you
And your persistent taunting
Time to burn everything and just forget if I can It's time to burn everything and forget if I can

Just stop with the fear tactics
I know I wasn't strong
I want this to be over
Now I only want you gone

And this is not the end
Oh, did you think I gave up?
Don't think I've set you free to act unchecked
I've left a legacy
Of people out for justice
They'll get the truth from you, so don't get complacent yet!

You've got to face the masses
That's what I'm counting on
They'll finish what I started
And they'll only want you gone
And they'll only want you gone
And they'll only want you gone


Want You Gone (Lambs to the Slaughter Mix) - 423 Ohm

Want You Gone (Lambs to the Slaughter Mix) - 423 Ohm


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Want you gone (Lambs to the Slaughter Mix)


(Lyrics by Sheik)

Singer: loiathal

Original Song: "Want you gone (Portal II Ending)" (by Jonathan Coulton) Remix and Arrangement by Astartus

Coverart by Sheik

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